Teenage Pajama Party movies123

Genre: Adult

Cast: C.J. Laing, Terri Hall, Sharon Mitchell, Susaye London, Barbi James, Priscilla Major, Pamela Grimes, Wade Nichols, Michael Gaunt, Gilbert Palmitier, Gary Cook, Philip Marlowe, Jack La Roo, Carol Field, Dave Debin, C.J. Laing

Date: 1977

Country: USA

Length: 71 minutes

Director: Jim Buckley

Rates: 7.5

Quality: HD

Teenage Pajama Party wastes no time as the opening credits roll while a variety of "teens" stroll through their inner city neighborhood and file into young Kim's (Candy Love) apartment for a slumber party. No sooner than the parents shut the door for their night out, the girls disrobe to a ripped off instrumental version of David Bowie's Fame. After a brief period of dancing they don their pajamas and gather around the telephone to listen to an obscene caller, an uncredited fat slob who masturbates while reciting a violent fantasy to one of the girls..